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End of Ninja Season

This year ninja has brought me so much joy than I ever thought possible.

Qualifying for two Worls Finals and then having an athlete finish 8th in the world has been amazing.

When I started coaching, I never thought that this would make me so happy.

The friends I've made doing this and the people I've met is an amazing experience in itself.

This year I had 3 athletes qualify for world finals.

Only 2 of them could go but to have a team that puts in the work at practice and competitions is something wonderful.

This year at UNAA World Finals I made new ninja friends who have so much experience coaching and competing.

I also had a few Dallas friends help me with my athletes.

That's why I love about ninja.

Everyone is there supporting each other.

I think more people should be like that.

In Florida, we came up with new strategies that we would bring back to Midland with us.

I've been networking with so many people in the ninja community so that next year when my ninja gym opens that I will have a village behind me.

I've worked my butt off to get this going.

Even though I've emailed banks about SBA help and they never responded, I've got other people to ask.

I am slowly getting everything in order and it makes me happy yet scared.

You never know if something will succeed.

I do get worried about that.

Everyone tells me they can see the passion I have for ninja and that that attracts people to it.

All I want is for the athletes or any kids I coach to fall in love with ninja the way I have.

So, the new season of league competitions start in September.

I'm looking forward to not only my season ( as long as the doctor clears me) but the season for my athletes as well!!

Don't forget to follow on social media!!

All competitions and updates will be on my social media as well as the ninja team.

IG and TikTok handles thesoberninja



Kendra Nyrkkanen

Permian Basin Ninja Academy, LLC.


Kendra Nyrkkanen

Permian Basin Ninja Squad

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