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3 Weeks In

It has been 3 weeks since I opened the doors of my new business.

All I can say is how grateful I am for it.

Most of the time when I come in to the building, it still doesn't feel like mine even though it is.

When you think of a dream coming true, I always thought that it would hit me right away that I did it.

It has. In some moments.

Other moments, it feels like I am dreaming, and I am just waiting for someone to wake me up.

I get asked a lot how I am able to work 2 full time jobs and all I say is that I have learned to manage my time better.

I get to basically make my own schedule with the gym and what times classes are offered.

We haven't even had our grand opening yet and the overwhelming support from not only Midland but also Carlsbad has been amazing.

Multiple people have shared my posts, posted their own videos to share their experiences and let people know that we are here.

It hasn't been completely easy. I still grieve a lot for my dad as well. I think he would be so proud of me for doing this. I know a lot of my family are.

I am also really proud of myself. Had I not stayed sober, this would have not become a reality.

Sobriety is a huge part of this journey and God is also.

I remember last year being so mad at Him for not giving me my dream at the beginning of the year, but I know now that that was his purpose for me.

When people ask me how I did this, I tell them it was all God's doing.

He put the people I needed in my life and gave me the opportunity to impact and help kids.

I prayed that if this was his path for me then it would happen, and He made it happen, so I definitely know that this was His path for me.

I have been tired, stressed and all the things you can think of, but I would take all that over and over again. I am beyond grateful for this.

Many of my competitive team parents have helped paint, built things and moved around obstacles. I have had family come in from Carlsbad to help paint and clean up.

I seriously could not have done any of that without them.

We are our grand opening coming up in March and I am overly excited for that!!

See y'all there!!

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