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World Finals & Life

The last month has been an exciting adventure not only for Ninja but life in general. In July I took a 2-week vacation (still working remotely) from Texas all the way to Nevada.

Those 2 weeks in itself was an amazing adventure. I love taking trips alone because I get to discover a lot about myself.

Let's talk about World Finals first. Last year was my first year competing and I ended up in last place. It wasn't where I wanted to be, but I enjoyed the experience.

At my second World Finals which would be this year was so much fun! I was able to compete and end up 6 points higher than I did last year. To say that I was so proud of myself is an understatement.

My game plan was to get through all the obstacles I could. Last year I didn't really have a game plan and this year I made a game plan and stuck with it.

That hard work paid off this year. I also had so many of my ninja friends cheering me on and it was amazing.

One thing about the Ninja community that I love is that everyone there is to support all the other athletes. Yes, we are there to compete against each other, but we help each other along the way too.

While in Vegas, I got to hang out with some amazing friends, go watch Deadmau5 and Zedd and was able to finally get my entire confidence back in Ninja.

It also helps that I had my amazing coach there to guide me through everything. After that run, I decided that next year I actually do want to try and place Top 15 next year.

So, what has been going on in the last month in my life?

I have been throwing myself into training a lot more. I have been trying to train 2 hours a day whether it is Ninja or just at HIIT.

I have also decided to start eating less candy (that's my crutch and has been since I got sober) as well as any soda's which I don't drink that often.

Work life has been very busy, and I have been trying to find a happy medium with work and training.

One thing I have noticed in the last week though is that there are still people out there who don't know my life now. They bring up something from the past that I have let go of.

Yes, I share my life with people on here and on all my social media platforms. I understand the consequences of that.

I also understand that I help people more when I am honest. Regardless of the people who want to get on here and be ugly.

This last year has been progressive. Everything in my life has progressed although not everything has.

When I took my 2-week vacation I learned that I am okay with the person I was. Do I like her? Absolutely not. Have I learned from her? 100% YES!

My life right now is that I claim progress over perfection!

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