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Welcome to my blog! This is the first time I have ever tried something like this before. Through this website, I would like to share my experiences, struggles and victories through my sobriety. This site isn't just about my sobriety but encompasses the entire meaning of my name as The Sober Ninja. This is a journey that I am willing to share and open up with to you all. I hope that you find some of the stuff I post helpful as well as inspiring. I am open to all questions as well as all comments! Take a look around and ENJOY!

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This past week I posted on Instagram about me not having motivation. I feel like here lately I have been having more and more trouble in that department. I love going to the gym. I love going to Ninja

Mid-life crisis….. Seriously, though. Mid-life. I definitely don’t feel like a middle aged woman nor do I think like I look like one. I keep thinking that eventually my life will come together and l w

I miss the old days. By old days I mean before social media. You didn't have to try to live like the person you saw on TV. Although for me, it was not being able to afford all the expensive stuff my f

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