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Start of the Season

A lot of people have asked me how long my "off season" is. One thing I have learned being in Ninja training is that you don't really have an "off season."

You are either training for competitions or doing competitions. It seems like I have told myself a lot in the last year that I'll do better and usually I don't put a whole lot of effort into it.

Since World Finals, I have been dedicating a lot of my life just to Ninja training. At least more than I had before.

In the last year, not only have I been dedicating more to my Ninja training but also to kids who want to compete as well. When I tell you that being a coach is one of the most rewarding things I have ever know, I am definitely not lying.

For me, Ninja was an outlet and a goal that I had set for myself. I get excited when I see their faces and how much they love this sport just like I do.

Our Ninja season starts in September and I cannot wait for it. I get to watch how much I will grow in the next year and how much the kids will grow in this sport.

As for my training, I will be visiting a lot more Ninja gyms within the next year to get the training I need. I want to push myself harder than I did last year.

I have never wanted to place in competitions. My goal for myself was to do better than the competition before. Sometimes it worked and other times I was just really disappointed in myself.

I always have to remember though that this is a professional sport and some days will be good and some days will be bad.

So, here's to the next season of Ninja training!

Let's go!!

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