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People Will Come & Go

This week in my life as well as the last few weeks in my life, I have noticed that my friend circle keeps getting slimmer and slimmer. It isn't that I cannot make friends because usually I am really good at that. What I have noticed though is that sometimes the things people do don't really fit the path that I am trying to go down. Friends, especially girls want you to be there to be supportive no matter what. Sometimes you can be but other times you cannot compromise the person you are. What happens most of the time is that those people will find other friends who will build them up about their choices and go with the flow.

The reason I know this is because I used to be that girl. My moral compass never used to point North and I would surround myself with friends who would be egging on what I was doing. Were these girls really friends? No, they were not. If they were really my friends they would have told me that what I was doing was wrong. I always thought that I had "true friends" in my hometown. Yes, I have friends who I can talk to and vent to but they usually will go along with what I say. Very rarely do you find girl friends who will be like, "Okay Kendra, what you are doing is horrible and you probably should not do that." The only person who has ever been 100% honest and brutal with me has been my boyfriend. He is also my best friend.

What sucks sometimes is that it would be nice to have friends who understand me, like girls who are my friends. I recently rekindled a friendship with a friend from high-school and I forgot how much fun we used to have. That relationship we had in high-school was so different because we balanced each other out. When we started hanging out again, it was like time never stopped. I missed the connection and friendship that we had. One thing I have learned about friendship, is that each relationship with someone will always teach you a life lesson. Some are good lessons and others are lessons you learn the hard way. As of right now, I have probably 2 good girls who are my friends and that is okay. I do not need an abundance of friends in my life and yet sometimes it would be nice to have friends to do things with. The friendships I have right now have been in my life for over a decade. Those are the ones you know will be in your life forever.

One thing I will always keep in mind though, is that I will never compromise the person I am becoming for anyone ever!

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