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It’s Official

One thing I have always done in my life is work for the things I want.

Both of my parents made sure I had a good work ethic.

That was something I was never grateful for until I reached adulthood and finally realized that it's a different feeling working for the things you have rather than them just being handed to you.

Before Covid happened, I wanted to open up my own Ninja gym and I had no idea exactly how to do it.

In 2021, I was approached to be a coach at a very small place that had some ninja equipment.

Little did I know that this journey would set in motion my dream of opening my own.

I always thought this would be something that I would just talk about and it would never happen.

A lot of dreams are like that. We wish that we could have something in hopes that one day it might come true.

In 2022, I entered the MEC in hopes that I'd win the money to have the finances to open up my gym.

I knew that as a Coach, these athletes were not getting the training they deserved. So, I knew with more equipment, a bigger space and changing out obstacles every week would improve their training so much.

Also, my training.

I went through Round 2 of the Challenge and in January, I got a letter saying I would not be moving on to Round 3.

To say that that email broke my heart is an understatement.

I was beyond devastated because it meant that my dream had to be put on hold and that I was letting my Dad down.

He told me two months before he passed that if anyone could do it, I could.

I had prayed about opening up my gym in 2022. I asked God that if this is my path then it will happen.

It was my path. It just wasn't my path in 2022.

I never understood it in January or the months that followed why He wouldn't allow my dream to come true.

It's only been recently I understood his plan for me.

Had I opened a gym a few months after my dad passed, there would be no way it would still be open.

It would have failed.

So, I continued to pray about it.

I asked him if this was still His plan for me then it would happen.

God has put so many people in my life this year who have helped me get to where I need to be.

I could not be more grateful for them.

So, long story short.... Kind of.

I found people who believed in my dream just as much as me. Who have helped my dream become a reality.

I know I have so much work to do to open and run a business but I'm happy to put in all the hours and work I need to.

Friday, it became official.

I text all my family. One person in particular was there when it happened and I'm glad he was.

Even though I was crying because I wanted to call my Dad and tell him.

I honestly never thought this would become a reality.

I still fight that voice inside that says I don't deserve any of this because of my past.

I'm trying to tell myself daily that I have worked my butt off to get where I am.

I get to show my nieces and nephews that their aunt can do some pretty awesome things.

The athletes that I train have helped push me to do hard things. I just hope that I can be the good influence that they need!

I cannot wait to share my passion with the community and hopefully those back in my hometown as well.

Be on the lookout for the new place in 2024!!


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