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Today is one year that I started my blog and it has been amazing. My name as The Sober Ninja has gotten out there more and I could not be more grateful for those that follow me and support me. Throughout this year, I have learned so much and I have grown so much as well. I have gone through a lot of ups and downs and I was trying to find my way with this blog but it has been absolutely amazing.

Throughout the last year, I have tried to compete more and get more experience in my Ninja training. This semester I took a break from school just so I could train more for World Finals in July. It has been a hell of a ride and some days I do not want to get up and go train. I feel like in this last year, especially in the last few months that I have gotten stronger and my grip strength is so different where it was a year ago. I am grateful for all the ninja's that have helped me through my training. One thing that was BEYOND AMAZING was being able to get on the Ninja Babes podcast. When Cara emailed me and asked me to tell my story, I could not believe it. I have not been on the show and yet she still asked me to be on there. It was amazing and I could not be more grateful to be apart of such an amazing community with the Ninja Babes.

I got to do some amazing photoshoots with some very strong women. The few photoshoots that I did were unbelievable. Ashley and Brianna were amazing. Ashley did some gorgeous work and Brianna was able to capture my story and tell it in a way that words never could. I have even thought about putting a portfolio together so that maybe I can get some modeling jobs but who knows. That will be another project for another time.

Not only did I have some amazing things happen throughout this year but I also had to separate myself from people who no longer fit my life. I love to help people but sometimes people just cannot be helped because they want the easy way out. They also surround themselves with toxic people who believe the bull that comes out of their own mouth. It sucks that I had to get rid of some people but they were not bringing anything positive to my life. It was like a vortex of nothingness. One thing that I did right this past year so far was remove that stuff from my life.

I want to tell all of you who read my blog, follow me on my social media platforms and those that are just there to support me, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, you guys have no idea how much I appreciate you all. I love sharing my life of sobriety and Ninja with you. I love that you guys are there to watch it every single step of the way. Here is to another year for this blog!!


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