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Sometimes I feel like I take a lot of things for granted. Everyone always says that life is too short and to live it while we can. One thing I have noticed is that I do not do enough (to me) for someone who does not have kids and no responsibilities except work. I could be traveling and seeing the world, granted you need money for that.

This past week has taught me to not only be grateful for the big things but also the small things in my life. We take the smallest sunsets for granted, the little talks that we have with the people we love. I know that sometimes I take my sobriety for granted and usually when we don't expect it, that's when we relapse.

I know that I haven't been as dedicated to my program as I should be and sometimes I feel like I should be helping others more. My life is just so busy that sometimes I feel like I do not put in that effort I need to.

As anyone who is in recovery or even enjoying life, what is or are some things you are grateful for?

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