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Good News For Me, Obviously Not To Them

On Friday February 12, 2021, I was the 91st episode of the NinjaBabes Podcast. I was beyond ecstatic to do this because I would be able to get my story out there. It was a dream come true to be in that part of the Ninja Community. I was so proud of myself that I shared it with everyone I could. I am not sure who all I listened and I knew that quite a few people would not. Still, I expected at least some people to support me because that is what people who say they love you and support you do.

In my family, if you are not having kids or pregnant then you are not going down the path everyone else is going. Yes, every single year my family has at least 2-4 babies a year. That includes my extended family. It is not really a surprise anymore but yes it is still a blessing. Then there is me, I have dreams and goals. I am very ambitious with my Ninja training and my sobriety. I posted the episode for the podcast multiple times maybe thinking that, "Hey, my family will be proud and want to show that off." Did it happen? Nope. You can damn well expect though that when it is time for someone to have a baby or become pregnant then they LOVE showing that stuff off.

I do get irritated quite a bit about it because those accomplishments should be just as great for me. A black sheep is someone who is an outcast for being different and not like everyone else. Some days I do not let it bother me and other days it irritates me to the point where I cannot stand it. I work my butt off every single day for my sobriety and my ninja training. There are very few people who actually see the entirety of that hard work! I am done being nice about it. I have worked my butt off for it to be treated like something that is not even important.

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