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Back In Season

This last week has been very busy.

Getting competition ready.

Getting the athletes ready for competition.

Working on business for the ninja gym.

Trying to find peace with decisions.

This past weekend was my first competition back since World Finals in July.

Even though I wanted to grab first, I got second. I was okay with that.

I've worked so hard to get over my fear of heights and for some reason one of the obstacles brought that back out.

With the new season, I'm wanting to do so much better than last season.

It isn't about winning for me. It is about doing better than I did before.

I think that's why going around Texas to different ninja gyms to train was such a great idea.

It's good to see how other gyms train for competitions or just in general.

The one thing I love about Ninja is that the community is always so supportive.

When I compete, I'm not competing against other athletes.

It is me against the course.

There is always progress that needs to be done though.

I have been thinking though.

I think that I need to do 75 Hard again or just pick up the training.

Mentally, everything has been so hard.

Grief sucks.

There are days when I do not even want to get out of bed let alone go to the gym.

My sobriety has been put on the back burner and I'm not working it like I should.

My faith hasn't been very strong since my dad passed and I'm trying so hard to get that relationship back with God.

These are things that are important to me.

It is hard trying to find that happy medium in my busy life.

On top of that, I still want to be a mom.

So, it will take a lot.

I know that I am capable of everything though.

Anything I want I work hard to get it.

This Ninja season, I'm definitely going to get it!!

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