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I did not really have anything to write this week because this has not really been a busy week for me. Though, I had a competition this weekend what I did during the week was just train.

Throughout this week the one thing I have tried to keep is a good attitude about what was to come on Saturday.

I always get nervous before a competition and sometimes to the point where I get sick to my stomach.

One thing I did not realize though is that attitude is everything sometimes.

What kind of attitude do you have towards your goals?

What kind of attitude do you have towards your job?

What kind of attitude do you have towards other people in your life?

My attitude when it comes to my sobriety is that recovery saved my life and I should have a positive attitude toward it.

Do I always though?

No. Like many people I do struggle from time to time with my attitude. Not only with my recovery but other aspects of my life.

One thing that showed me to have a positive attitude towards my recovery is the fact that even with triggers I tell myself that I can do this.

When I step up to the platform to compete, my attitude is usually, "I cannot do this, or I am going to fail on this certain obstacle."

Attitude is everything with the goals in our lives. I have changed my attitude this weekend in my competition.

I set my mind that regardless of everything I was going to have a good attitude towards that run and do my best.

I think sometimes I forget that my attitude impacts a lot of what goes on in my life.

If I wake up in the morning and tell myself I am going to have a good day, usually it happens.

I do let a lot of what happens in my life affect my attitude for that day and I have tried to be better with that.

I have let go of a lot of things in my life that did affect my attitude. Some of those things or people I have had in my life for more than 10 years.

So, does letting go of things and people that affect my attitude help?

Yes, it does. It has and I feel better for it.

I am the only one who has control over my life. I need to start remembering that.

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