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An Awesome Experience

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I have finally have the time to sit and write about it.

June 22-26 I was in Greensboro, North Carolina for World Ninja League World Finals.

My first ever WNL World Finals.

I wasn't planning on going but both myself and one of my athletes qualified for it when we won Top 3 for WNL Tier 2 World Finals.

I left Thursday, extremely early in the morning to fly out from Dallas. We got into a Greensboro about 5:30 p.m. and from there it was an experience I'll never forget.

I never thought I'd be involved in such an amazing community. It's so nice to be able to have something that makes me happy.

Those things are far and few in between right now.

Friday was Full Course run. There were so many amazing women in my division and I was extremely proud of how I did on the course.

The strength training has been paying off. I've been working so much on being able to hold myself up and do pull ups.

The next day was my athletes run and to say she did amazing is an understatement.

Saturday, I was able to meet so many ninjas from the show. My favorite being Grant "The Island Ninja." That was beyond amazing!!

Being able to watch so many people coming together for a sport they love was just crazy awesome!

I got to see my friends from Australia. Pick up some tips from other ninjas. Meet new friends.

I know the competition is why we're there but what comes with it made the experience so much better!

Sunday I ran my skills.

I fell...... a lot. So, that makes me look at the stuff that I need to work on.

All in all, WNL World Finals was an experience I'll never forget.

Skip to a week later.

I got to be a guest coach for an event called Ninja Like A Girl. I got to help so many girls with obstacle courses, answer questions and just have fun all around.

Lots of pictures and videos were taken which I still need to post!

Those will be on Instagram.

Some days it's hard for me because I still feel like I don't deserve this stuff.

It's like the only aspects of my life that make me happy are work, ninja and working out.

I am excited for UNAA World Finals in July!!

The next three weeks will definitely be getting ready for that!!

Be on the lookout for that!!

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