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I have been hearing this word more and more since I got back into a program. Not only has my sponsor told me about this but my therapist has as well.

I have never been one for acceptance. Hell, it took awhile for me to accept the fact I was an alcoholic. Now, I have to accept that people won't change how they are.

One thing that is hard about that is that I believe that if I can change then so can others. It took me awhile though to change but I did it.

Having to accept how life is though as well is definitely hard. I have to accept that right now is where I'm supposed to be in life and that is something that is damn near impossible to accept.

I want to be a mom and have kids, yes.

I want to be married to the man who has given me a once in a lifetime love.

I want a career, a house and a family of my own.

Right now though, I'm supposed to be where I'm at. I have to accept that this is how life is supposed to be at this moment.

It sucks and I'm impatient but acceptance is what I have to get used to.

Believe me, that is not my strong suit and I'm working at accepting stuff as they are right now.

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