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It has been a little bit since I wrote on here. Life has been super crazy and very busy. I don't usually discuss a whole lot about what goes on in my life, normally it is just me pretty much ranting about stuff.

I think it's good to follow all aspects of someone's life. Especially when that person chooses to share so much of their life with others.

In the last couple of weeks things have been changing for me a lot. This year I knew that life was going to be so different, but I didn't think it would be the way it is right now.

To say that I am really happy about these unexpected changes is no exaggeration. It is weird when we think our life will be going one way but end up going in a completely different direction.

We have dreams and goals for ourselves that we set, and we hope we accomplish. I also feel like we have other dreams and goals we don't really tell anyone because we want those to be somewhat private.

In the next couple of months, things will be changing a whole lot for me. It is really hard to think that it's happening but at the same time it is something that will be extremely good for me.

This year has gone by so fast. Some days I am not sure that it is still already March.

My recovery has been taking priority quite a bit (like it should). I know that life gets lifey and we try to make the best of certain situations.

I have always been one to make my life more complicated than it already is and here lately I haven't tried to do that. I listen to my sponsor and do my step-work and hope that what I need will come.

I find myself grateful for a lot of stuff in my life. Especially tiny things here lately.

I know that sometimes I can be really ungrateful to the people in my life and have a tendency to just be ugly to them for no reason. I'm human though and it is something that I have been working on.

So, here's to another week!

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