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75 Hard Overview

One of the most important promises you can make is to yourself.

I started 75 Hard at a time in my life when I probably shouldn't have.

Not only had I lost my dad a month prior but I was also trying to grieve a relationship.

To say that I started it when I needed it the most is spot on.

One thing I know about myself and I'm sure some of you reading this know about me is that I won't do stuff I don't want to do.

I made a commitment to myself though. I wanted to be part of the 5% that completed this program.

I think I needed something to occupy my time. I was wrapped up in everything that some days were extremely hard to function.

The first week was tough. One thing I noticed is that I had manage my time a lot better which is very hard for me.

Everyone has said that the water and no alcohol was the hardest part.

For me though, it wasn't.

The hardest part about this was cutting out chocolate every single day.

I've been asked about my diet and even though I'm sure it's not what everyone would do, it fit my goals.

My diet was consistently healthy. Chicken, veggies and what not. I was allowed chocolate twice a week (protein chocolate was not in that category). I was allowed a Dr. Pepper once a week, IF I wanted it.

In the 75 days I did this, I only had 4 sodas.

I was allowed pizza or burgers once a week IF I wanted. I came up with a healthy alternative for the pizza.

I had someone tell me that it's good I "modified" the diet.

I didn't modify anything. If you read the book BEFORE you start 75 Hard, it says to find a diet that works for YOUR goals!

My goal was not to lose weight.

My goal was to get stronger and more muscular.

So, on to the second week. It seemed pretty easy to get into the habit of everything.

I will admit though, doing Ninja for 45 minutes is no joke.

The third week was my toughest yet. My body was tired ALL the time. I was cranky and just wanted to be at home and not get up.

I pushed through it though. (Remember, I was still grieving at this point)

When you tell yourself that you are going to do something you want to keep that promise to yourself.

Fourth week, a full month into 75 Hard felt good. I was still tired though. My schedule was getting busier because we were slowly getting back into competitions.

I had people trying to tell me that I wasn't making things a priority that needed to be a priority.

I was realizing that my priorities had changed since my Dad passed.

I still wanted to be with Mike. I didn't want to lose my best friend.

So, on to week five. By this time I was 35 days in and my body started to feel great!

I got my confidence back in Ninja and felt so strong.

It's probably something I should have been doing all along. But, again, I don't do things unless I want to.

When I'm going out of town to compete, it was really hard trying to plan out where I'd be doing my workouts and planning my food for the weekend.

Week six was a lot better. I was told that after 40 days I would feel better and less tired because I would be coming down the back hill of 75 Hard.

They were somewhat right.

I wanted to eat EVERYTHING in sight!!

I didn't.

My life got busier with Ninja and more competitions.

Work got busier.

Life happened... A LOT (more on that when I can announce it)

Week seven it got a little easier. I had been able to get into a routine that was good for me.

I realized that I can do hard things and that maybe me finishing this was possible.

I talked to my Dad A LOT throughout this process. I asked God to give me my Dad for minutes throughout the day here and there.

Yes, I still talked to God... mostly yelled at him a lot.

I was angry with him for taking my Dad.

I still am.

Week eight I thought my routine was set but again, life happens.

There were days when I'd go to the gym at 4:30 for my first workout then after the Ninja gym, I'd come home and do my second workout.

Again, I had to learn how to manage my time.

Especially working 9-11 hour days at just one job.

That weekend and the weekends to come, I was out of town almost every single weekend for Ninja.

I'd go walk by the river in Dallas or hike the trails near Austin.

People would ask if Ninja Competitions counted as an indoor workout.

They don't. Those only last 2-4 minutes long depending on the league.

Week nine was much like week eight. Work was busy. Ninja was busy. I had to prioritize what I needed to do on those nights.

Week ten, my final week of 75 Hard.

I won't lie. That was probably about as hard as week 3. My body knew I was almost done and it was craving fast food and chocolate every single day.

On day 75 I took my picture for my last day and the first person I sent it to was Mike.

His text back said, "I'm proud of you."

Something I don't hear often enough from him.

Honestly, that made me tear up and start crying.


Because much like my Dad, Mike has also been my biggest supporter on everything Ninja or training wise.

When he said those words, I knew that my Dad would be proud of me too.

This entire journey I've been able to message him about how I'm feeling. Maybe not everything because he doesn't understand the grief I am going through.

April 7, I was done.

I was beyond proud of myself for keeping that commitment to myself.

He tells you in the book that it isn't a physical challenge.

It's mental. He wasn't lying about that.

I proved to myself that I can do hard things.

I took this challenge and was able to put all my energy on this.

Whenever I was around anyone and I needed to do my workouts, they were all supportive.

From my sisters and brothers all the way to my Mom. They helped me. They pushed me.

They were all so proud of me as well.

I was even able to inspire others to do challenges in their lives.

Maybe not 75 Hard but other challenges that they were having trouble facing.

So, what's next?

Well, you get a 30 day recovery and then on to Phase 1. I think that's going to be a bit harder but again, I can do hard things.

I proved that to myself already.

I'm hoping I can make it work with what's about to happen in my life. 😉

If I want it bad enough though then I'll make it work.

Will I keep things from 75 Hard?


I love the way my body is starting to look and feel.

I love the way I feel!

I also love that I'm putting myself first as well.

No one is going to do the hard work for me.

A lesson I've learned time and time again.

Picture: Day 1 versus Day 75

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I Did It


Mrs. Riddell
Mrs. Riddell
Apr 10, 2023

You did it!!!! Top 5%-er you! I’ve followed you through most of this journey and I was overjoyed when day 75 came and you could say, “I did it!” It made me so happy. Good job girl!!

Kendra Nyrkkanen
Kendra Nyrkkanen
Apr 10, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much!! It definitely was a moment that I was beyond proud of myself!!

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