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3,000 Days Sober

Today marks 3,000 days sober. Waking up this morning to a notification from my sobriety app that said, "Today marks your 3,000 day milestone." It is good that we have our sober date saved and we also need to celebrate every day that we do not take a drink or pick up that drug of choice. The last few months have not been too bad with wanting to drink. I still have my days as I am sure everyone else does.

The past two weeks had been hard because I was stressed out about so much stuff. As the Sober Ninja, I try to make sure that I am transparent about every aspect of my sobriety with my audience. I do not want people to think I have it so easy because some days I just want to break down. As those days get far and few between, the days that it does hit my mind is unstoppable. It is so hard sometimes to keep everything in check.

I have kept my mind busy and it helps that I have strong support system. I know I write about him a lot and it is true. Without the man in my life I would not have stayed sober. He always told me that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Well, he led me and I drank. Sobriety is the hardest thing ever and yet it is worth every single, painful thing that you have to go through to get that sobriety. My worst days are behind me or at least I hope so. I also hope that one day I will have double digits worth of sobriety.

My life now has changed me so much. I never knew I was capable of this. When I went to competition about a week ago, I was so grateful for that. If I had not been sober then I would never have gotten into Ninja training. Along with my ninja training, that helps me keep my mind focused and that goal set completely. I LOVE MY SOBER LIFE!!!!!

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